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Service Setup

Service & Setup FAQ

Q: What is ImpactConnect?

ImpactConnect is a phone service that can be used with your home phone equipment in a residence or office, any smartphone or tablet, or your computer. It can be taken on vacation, used in a hotel, and operated anywhere you have an internet connection.

Q: How does the ImpactConnect VoxBox work?

Plug your existing corded or cordless telephone into the ImpactConnect VoxBox. Plug the VoxBox unit into your internet router and a power outlet. Turn on the VoxBox, and you’re ready to make or receive calls.

Q: Does ImpactConnect require an Internet connection?

Yes. ImpactConnect requires an Internet connection or a cellular data connection to make or receive calls.

Q: Will ImpactConnect work with other telephone-based systems like a fax machine or home alarm?

No. ImpactConnect is a voice-only service and isn’t compatible with services requiring data including fax machines, alarm systems, credit card machines, medical alert systems, or dialup Internet service.

Q: What equipment do I need?

To use ImpactConnect, all you need is an active Internet connection and one of four options:

  1. A cellular phone using the ImpactConnect App
  2. A tablet using the ImpactConnect App
  3. The ImpactConnect VoxBox connected to a traditional home phone
  4. A desktop to laptop computer running the ImpactConnect computer software
Q: Can I transfer my existing home phone number?

Yes. You can transfer your home number or your cellular number. You can also use your existing standard home telephone.

If you are transferring your existing number, please wait until your ImpactConnect account is active and working before disconnecting from your existing telephone provider.

ImpactConnect may not be compatible with your DVR, satellite TV, or other systems that require data. Check with your provider first before transferring your phone number to avoid any disruption in service.

Q: Can I make or receive calls during power outages?

Computer and home phone users will not be able to use the ImpactConnect service without an active, powered internet connection. The ImpactConnect VoxBox must be powered to work as well. Wi-Fi-only tablets also need an active internet connection.

Cellular phones using the ImpactConnect App can make and receive calls over their cellular data network along as the phone has power. Carrier charges will apply in some cases.

Q: Do I need to be in a Wi-Fi area to use the ImpactConnect App?

No. The ImpactConnect App will work over your cellular provider’s data network, however carrier charges will apply in some cases.

Desktop and laptop users can use the ImpactConnect service on a wireless or wired connection depending on your setup and Wi-Fi availability.

Q: Can I use my own hardware or software application?

The ImpactConnect service will work with the ImpactConnect VoxBox and standard home phone. The ImpactConnect App for Apple and Android are available for free and are customized for the ImpactConnect service. Advanced users can use alternative SIP clients, but these are not supported by ImpactConnect.