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Plans FAQ

Q: I cannot call to a particular area; how do I enable calling to that location?

Please contact Lingo support

Q: Can I call any number in the world?

Yes. LIngoConnect will connect you to the world. The charges for connecting your call will vary by plan. If you have any questions about your ImpactConnect plan, please contact Lingo Support at

Q: How can I tell what plan I am using?

All of your plan details are available on the MyAccount portal. You can also explore other ImpactConnect rate plans with our plan finder at

Q: What are the costs for calling countries outside of my plan?

International long distance rates vary by destination. Please use our Plan Finder to see the low rates ImpactConnect offers to more than 60 countries.

Q: Will I be charged for incoming calls from anywhere in the world?

No. All ImpactConnect plans come standard with unlimited incoming calls.

Q: Is there a penalty to switch plans?

ImpactConnect users can upgrade their plan at any time with no additional fees. If you are downgrading your account and it has a contract commitment, there will be an early termination fee assessed to switch the plan.